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Riley Finn

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No reasons left...From eerie_rebirth [Oct. 28th, 2007|08:33 pm]
Riley Finn
[mood |indescribable]
[music |"You Walk Away" Filter]

Words were exchanged between Melissa and I, but I can't say that I have any recollection of them.

Numb doesn't properly describe how I feel. I can't tell if I'm drunk, or sober; if I'm wired or overly-tired.

I heard all of the demons coming back once again, but not remembering how the first wave of them died, it was like they never left.

All that I can remmeber about the fight was what I didn't want to remmeber, relive or continuously envision apparently after the fact; I could only see Samantha being cut down by a sword not five feet from me, with me being able to do nothing about it. I could only repeeatedly hear her scream and see the look on her face; a look that told me goodbye in her eyes without words. To make it worse and more numbing was the fact that Graham died not five minutes later and at that point, I had lost rationalism and strategism which if I had, I might have used to work together with him so that we both survived.

Not to diminish what my frinedship with Graham meant, but after Samantah was gone and after I knew it, nothing else mattered.

When the demons had come back around for the apparent second wave of fighting, while I stood in the midst of dead slayers and my unit, and while Melissa tried to console me with words that I couldn't even tell you what they were now, fifteen or so minutes later, I stared at Graham, briefly, reasoning that this would be the last time that I saw him, I picked Samantha up and carried her away, her lifeless body talking to me and making more sense then the surroundings or Melissa did.

The substance of what her body said to me only made me more numb, not that I epected anything less. I passed people gathering on the streets, bewildered, though I didn't care, nor did I hear them. I only saw their reactions to the violence on the street; the same violence that had taken my wife, my love from me. Police sirens riddled the area and I was carying a dead woman in my arms, but I didn't care if they stopped me.

I just walked, looking straight ahead with no particular destination in mind. Maybe I wanted a stray demon to come up from behind me and finish me off while Sam was in my arms.

Yeah, that sounds good to me.

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Spike is back, alone. From huntedmerciless [Jan. 13th, 2007|10:56 pm]
Riley Finn
[mood |curiouscurious]

Leah, Melissa and I, mere minutes after passion, were interrupted by Angel, who caught us in the act of snuggling and told us to watch his son as he and Cordelia sought a way to make him less volatile. He told us that Connor was in the basement, behind a closed door, chained to a bed.

That wasn’t all that he told us. He also told us that Buffy was in danger at the hands of some vampire named Xavier, probably in Paris and that Faith and Justin were taking a flight to Paris to try to help.

When Angel mentioned Buffy being in trouble, I immediately went from a state of blissful contentment, realizing that I now had two slayer girlfriends who wanted me and each other, to wanting to vigorously do something to help Buffy, only help was already on the way and I didn’t know where in Paris to find Buffy and this Xavier and Angel had said that he wasn’t certain that Buffy was even in danger at the hands of this Xavier, which only made me more stressed, because now I had no idea how to help her…and was worried that Justin and Faith might be wasting their time.

Leah, fresh from making love with Melissa and I, noticed my stress-level at Buffy being in trouble and confronted me on it as I got out of the bed and put my clothes on. She didn’t want to be burned and wanted to know what my feelings were for Buffy and if there was a past there. I marveled at how intuitive that she was, though I didn’t like the jealous factor, but Melissa appeared calm and laid back and settled both of us down and I proceeded to tell Leah about my past with Buffy and that I just cared about her as a friend.

Eventually, all three of us were dressed and we were going to go down and look in on Connor and somehow try to settle him down. Once we hit the main floor from the stairs, the door was slammed open and somebody came charging in. For a fleeting second, I thought and probably all three of us thought that this was another attack, but as it turned out, it was only Spike, covered in a blanket. I told Melissa and Leah who he was and told them to go down and talk to Connor, because I had to talk to Spike, believe that or not.

He threw the smoldering blanket to the floor, which is something that I had seen before and looking past the temptation to call him Doctor, I addressed him, wondering if he knew about Buffy, which considering that he was with her and the slayer named Jada in Atlanta, I figured that he must. I skipped the facts, because his peroxided head...or face…told me that he was already stressed out and thus knew.

“How could you let Buffy be taken like that, Spike?”

Okay, so anger came out. He was supposed to love her, and he didn’t even protect her. “And while we are on the subject, where’s this other slayer, Jada?”

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Another beautiful vampire slayer has joined us. From huntedmerciless [Dec. 22nd, 2006|10:09 pm]
Riley Finn
[mood |mellowmellow]

The car pulled up and Angel rushed out, followed by Cordelia.

I waited at the door and slightly peeked out to see Faith and a strange guy get out of the car, along with a blonde, who could only be the slayer from Cleveland. Connor was taken out by Faith and Angel rushed over to them, and Cordelia went around, following Angel. The blonde looked back and walked towards me, seemingly unsure of things, but I tried to smile for her, though I really wanted to know who this strange guy was, and why Angel’s son was unconscious.

She approached me and I smiled and opened the door for her as she walked in.

Her first question for me was if I was a vampire too, which immediately told me that the strange guy that had gotten out of the car with her, Faith and the unconscious Connor, was a vampire.

I shook my head as she regarded me, and then she asked if the other two slayers that were in danger had made it here.

“No, mam, I’m not a vampire, though I have fought them throughout the better part of five years now. Are you asking me that because the guy that got out of the car with you happens to be one?”

She nodded, but didn’t get into the story there, and I wouldn’t pry, unless she offered it up for discussion. She sat down on the couch and immediately, I noticed that her nose was bloodied and had dried and that her eye had a nice deep shade of purple to it. I rushed into the kitchen and found that there was enough ice in the tray of this abandoned house, to put on her eye.

I rushed through drawers until I found several towels, though they had dust on them. I rinsed one with cold water, hoping that it wasn’t too metallic to the point where she would be able to smell it when putting the ice on her face, and then added ice to the damp face or dish towel…whichever it was.

I brought it out to her and sat next to her, first cleaning away the dried blood near her lip with part of the ice-filled cloth, before handing it to her to put it on her eye. “That eye looks pretty nasty. How did you acquire that bruise, if you don’t mind me asking? My name is Riley, by the way. Riley Finn and I’m very much human, just not cowardly when it comes to the demon fighting.”

As I looked away towards the stairs, I noticed that Melissa was watching from the stairwell and was now slowly making her way down. I smiled for her.

[Leah and Melissa]
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Saving a precious life. From huntedmerciless [Dec. 8th, 2006|07:58 pm]
Riley Finn
[mood |thankfulthankful]

Melissa grabbed my arm and I thanked the heavens above. After watching my entire unit get riddled with bullets and after actually hearing Samantha’s neck snap when she had saved me from the powerful mad gunman down in the jungle, I was sure that it was destined to become a commonality with me.

Six vampires had been waiting for Melissa and eye in the Seaside home, no doubt sent by agents of the First Evil, still trying to kill all of us and it made my blood boil. I killed one before he could even attempt to touch me and I backed Melissa up onto the front lawn to fight the other five.

My instincts were primal and I imagined that the ones fighting with me were the ones who had killed Sam. I killed two pretty easily, making their eyes and pummeling them before staking them. One, I actually staked through the temple. He wasn’t dead, but he was going to be disabled, regardless. Vampires had nervous systems too and his brain couldn’t know be sending him messages to move. I wanted to experiment with him later. Probe him to see how vampires ticked, even if Spike and Angel were around. I was sure they wouldn’t care and were probably curious about it.

After I had finished, I noticed that Melissa was in a battle with two of them. Physically, being a slayer, she was stronger then me and it was obvious that she already fit before being a slayer, so naturally, she would be inclined to excel at the skills that became inherent to a slayer, which I had learned from being with Buffy, only she hadn’t put her powers to the test as of yet.

I rushed towards her, as she had one vampire down, and was trying to eliminate him, but as the second bit into her neck. I couldn’t get there fast enough and dust the vampire doing the biting in time to save her from massive blood loss. I staked the vampire biting her and two minutes later, finished off the other vampire, but Melissa had lost so much blood that she had gone into cardiac arrest. My CPR skills came to the front of my mind and with ease, I masterfully went through the ABC routine that was CPR. Airway, breathing, circulation. Airway, breathing, circulation.

When she grabbed my arm and was able to tell me that she was in serious trouble, that was a good sign, even though I knew that what she said was true. I wrestled with calling an ambulance and continuing to administer CPR to her, but decided that I could get her to the hospital in less then ten minutes and being a slayer, she’d be strong enough to hold on.

I drove fast and recklessly and as I pulled up the hospital, she wasn’t conscious. A minute ago, on the way, I had been talking to her and she had been conscious. I gave her CPR again in the car in front of the hospital, only this time around, she was not as easy to revive and my frustrations increased. By God, I thought, I’m not letting her die as I did compressions on her breast plate to stimulate the heart. I felt her move again and saw her eyes open once more and now, it was time to rush her in.

I gave the doctor who rushed to meet us most of the situation, save the way that she lost her blood and within minutes, they had administered transfusions and had her on monitors. Amazingly, she was cognizant and seemed almost energetic already, as we were now alone in the room.

“You gave me quite the scare, Melissa…”


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Run over by a beautiful stranger. From huntedmerciless [Nov. 29th, 2006|04:02 pm]
Riley Finn
[mood |searching]

I had been ripped out of sleep because of this massive effort to try to save slayers. I didn’t have any idea of what they were talking about and was in the early stages of REM sleep when I was awakened.

Cordelia had another vision and saw all of the girls being attacked and where they were and suddenly, this plan came together. Buffy and Spike were on their way to Atlanta, and their plane was the first to leave, to save a slayer.

Faith and Angel’s son, who still didn’t know who he was, were on their way to Cleveland because a slayer was in trouble there.

Angel and Cordelia had gone to Los Angeles because they were going to attempt to find the warlock that had created the magic’s placed on the boy and then pressure the warlock into dispensing the information. Unlike Buffy and Spike, and Connor and Faith, they were driving, a car that Angel stole, by the way. Me, well I had the easiest job of all, but found myself alone, while waiting for this girl. I didn’t know her name and only had a vague description of her from Cordelia.

I was still half asleep, and not exactly in a good frame of mind, which just made the job of finding an attractive girl in a huge airport, that much more difficult. What would help was that Cordelia had mentioned that she was wearing a sleeveless shirt and she had ripped biceps for a woman and I would be able to distinguish her that way. Still, think of trying to find a penny at the bottom of the Pacific, because that’s what this felt like.

I looked around, feverishly, knowing from Cordelia that her flight had landed ten minutes ago. I knew that I had to circulate the baggage areas and hope for the best at this point, because I didn’t know which airline she had come in on. This was supposed to be all of us working together to find her, but because flights left earlier then this girl’s, who’s name I didn’t even knows, arrived, I was now frantically searching and moving from Northwest baggage, to Delta. She had come out of Orlando so it hit me that she might be flying Southwest, because Orlando was one of their hubs, so I went that way.

It was just a hunch and time was running short, but I charged that way, moving around people, weaving and dodging, when in reality, I simply felt like barreling them over.

Eventually, I did barrel into someone. Someone with a sleeveless shirt and some serious power, because hitting her, both of us moving at high speeds, I was the one who hit the floor. It had to be her. It had to be.

She looked down at me. “Have you come out here looking for answers to the reasons that you were attacked the other night?”

I realized that if she wasn’t her, then she would think that I was crazy and that if she was her, then she would wonder how the hell I knew what I knew.

I got up, ready for anything as she sized me up. I had this feeling like she was about to hit me, but I didn’t know for sure.

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Filled with sorrow and malaise. From huntedmerciless [Nov. 20th, 2006|10:54 pm]
Riley Finn
[mood |sleepysleepy]

Faith dragged me out of the room. I didn't know if it was the best idea. Buffy followed, even though I was sure that she wanted to help defend Angel, as always. I had heard that she was with Spike now, for real, and not just sexually like she had been in Sunnydale when he was trying to smuggle Savolti eggs and they were having sex. Buffy pulled Spike with her and again, I wasn't thinking that it was the best idea. But, I was so tired, and sad, and just wanted to crash, preferrably with a bottle that wasn't around, and sleep and wake up with my unit still intact and Samantha by my side.

That wasn't going to happen, though, and what was going to happen was that Connor was being left alone with Angel and Cordelia. Buffy, Faith and I had saved him fromt the murderer, and I had the flesh wound near my left wrist to prove it. Cordelia and Angel were new to him and because I had blurted it out, Connor now knew, or would soon, when Angel surely showed him, that his supposed real father was a vampire.

If I wasn't so sad and tired, I would have been wondering heavily how it was possible for a vampire to have a child, and especially with a vampire like we had been told. I wondered a little, anyway, except that I was so tired that I couldn't put together any thoughts that didn't involve craziness, killers with guns and my dead wife saving my life before being squashed.

I was about to suggest that I go clean up and then sleep for a day or two, when all of a sudden, in the next room, a brilliant glow filled the air. It penetrated every wall, every window, every door and hit us full blast, and I immediately felt more tired then I already was.

All of us rushed to the door, well, Spike, Faith and Buffy rushed and I sort of slumbered, and saw the glow. Spike nodded like he had seen it before, but Buffy and Faith looked shock. To me, it was now up to Cordelia and Angel to convince the boy that they weren't lying. It was up to Buffy and Spike and Faith to figure out what they were going to do with this new soft glow feeling, because they had to be feeling it too.

Me, I was going to clean up the flesh wound on my arm and then I was going to sleep.

"I'm going to clean up my injury and then sleep for a while. Hopefully, a long while."

I walked away, feeling less sad but more tired. The glow filled me and the rage and sadness over all of the death's that I had seen didn't seem to matter as much.

I plodded up the stairs, not followed.

[Spike, Buffy and Faith]
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Los Angeles is a death zone. It's fitting. From down_thespiral [Nov. 17th, 2006|10:32 am]
Riley Finn
[mood |Business-like]

I took a chopper into Los Angeles and the pilot didn't even want to fly here. I had the temptation to ask him if he was a man or a mouse. This is what we did, we flew into warzones and we did it well. Now, however, we wouldn't be doing it well, because there was nobody left but me and the pilot. He was army. He was going to keep his job with the army, but our project would be shut down, permanently. The Pentagon might make a fuss about me leaving, but I didn't think so. I wasn't cut out for standard military duty and let's be honest, with all of my rage, I wasn't the right man for the job anymore.

My job lay solely, for the moment, in finding out about this Wolfram and Hart connection with why all of my men, and my wife had been killed and after dealing violently with that issue, I would somehow figure out my next move.

I gave the pilot instructions as I looked down and the saw the very building in question, the very building that had been the focal point of all of my grief and rage after what had happened to my unit, had happened. The building itself looked like the harbinger of all things bad.

I told him to put down here and got my machine gun, and my stakes ready. It was obviously a demon and vampire playground below, but I was the wrong victim to cross right now and in the near future. I wanted answers, definitely, but I also wanted blood, human, or demon, and didn't care of which I spilled. They had taken my best friend and my wife from me.

"Set dow here, Captain, and report to Washington. You'll be reassigned. Maybe they'll continue to fight demons and continue the mission with a new unit? Maybe not? Either way, it will be without me, and from this point forward, the army will be without me. Can you deliver that message along wih the other details during your debriefing?"

He looked at me and nodded and that was enough for me.

I leapt out of the plane and started towards the building. Surprisingly, nothing attacked me. Nothing on the streets attacked me and nothing that was guarding this possibly demon infected building attacked me. I opened the doors as I heard the chopper and my army career drifting, flying away.

I saw demons in here and shot every one that I saw, dead. A receptionist who was human, saw me coming and cowered. "Take me to your leader," I said, demonstratively and she pointed to the elevator and told me thirtieth floor. I walked past fearful humans, who couldn't be good, working at this place, but I didn't kill any humans, yet.

I ended up reaching the thirtieth floor about five minutes later and when I got out, I walked towards the name given to me, the name of Lindsey McDonald's office. The door was closed, but I kicked it open, noticed the short, but well-dressed man and pointed the gun at him as I stepped closer to him, wordless.

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Firing from an elevated position. From genesis_la [Nov. 12th, 2006|11:31 pm]
Riley Finn
[mood |determined]

This was the only way. It had to be done. It was the only way that we could survive. It was the only way that I could protect Sam, and kep her and myself alive. We had entered the fight, all ten of us, the entire unit, from virtually the middle and even though we had weapons and even though we were able to take out most of the demons, all but Sam and I were eventually swallowed and killed by the surge of demons.

Sam and I had managed to keep ourselves alive, but just barely. In war, casualties and fatalities were the norm, but I hadn't been in an actual conflict against other me, and this was no different. In that kind of conflict, a soldier was trained to focus on the enemy before focusing on the task at hand of helping your friends, your allies. Except that in Samantha and my own case, we had never incurred a fatality in battle against the demons in those jungles.

The same thing couldn't be said anymore. All of them were gone. All of them. Graham had gone down like the warrior that he was, but he was gone, and my heart skipped a beat, my body went cold and I would have surrendered to all out kamikaze at this point if it weren't for my love, my wife, my Samantha still being alive and at my side.

We decided to go to an elevated psoition, where we weren't in the firing line, but where we would not have to deal with vicious, super-powerful threats coming from all sides and where we could inflict damage amongst the demons. We had machine guns and we had back up rounds, and could make this fight a lot easier for whoever else was fighting. We rushed upstairs, three ata time, and reached the outside of the warehouse that we chose.

We checked the sides of the street. All of the demons were on one side. That made this easier.

"I'm sorry we lost Graham. If there was anything to bring him back..."

I let it slide off of me. Right now, we couldn't grieve. We could do that later.

"This will be over soon. I don't know what else to tell you, honey. I love you."

I wanted to kiss her, but I was so focused on killing the demons below, and there were so many of them, that I focused on the street.

"I love you too, Sam, but we have work to do now."

I studied the streets. There was a glow from a girl that I didn't know and fighting near her were two people that weren't people that I easily recognized. Angel and Spike.

I then saw Buffy fighting alongside someone and could see Xander and a girl moving towards the back of the fight where two other guys were fighting demons from the back.

"Honey, we need to concentrate on the back of the pack. The demons seem stronger and more packed in there. And don't hit civilians. There are a lot of them down there."

That was redundant. As was my want to put a bullet or two into both Spike and Angel, but I knew that they were fighting the demons too. I focused on the back of the pack, readied my sights and started shooting demons, one by one.

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The possibility of Angelus. From huntedmerciless [Nov. 1st, 2006|08:44 pm]
Riley Finn
[mood |Ambivalent]

Faith, who had taken me in the guise of Buffy one night, but had changed since from what I had seen, and I, drove away from the burial site. Buried in the site were Giles, Willow, Xander, Dawn and a host of girls, who because of Willow, had become vampire slayers. They were there because they had been killed by the same madman that had taken down everyone in my squad, including Graham and my Sam, except for me. Samantha had saved my life. That giant, scruffy son of a bitch would have choked the life out of me for sure, but Samantha had saved me, and now, on this beautiful late morning, the sea waves crashing in the distance, the day bathed in glorious son, and with me already feeling loss, I felt remorse that I couldn’t give her a proper burial.

I had called the Pentagon and spoken to the General’s aide who funded our missions, but I couldn’t be sure that they would do like I told them to, which was to clean up the mess and bring the bodies to Arlington National cemetery, where they, more then soldiers of war, or most of them, anyway, deserved to be buried. I didn’t know if it would happen, though. Faith had said something to me and I let it sink in. We had been talking about Spike being used as a bullet shield if the gunman showed up again.

”Okay, I don’t know if you know about Angel’s curse, but he and Cordelia seemed to be getting’ awfully friendly in that room. We might have an issue there, but I’m up for handlin’ him if I need to, and I’m glad that you mentioned your wife earlier. Maybe talkin’ about her will make you smile like you did before. I liked seein’ it. What the hell, right? We are alive. We have to live.”

Now, I was wondering if maybe Angel had lost his soul, and pressed on the pedal, extra hard. That Cordelia woman and Buffy could be in danger. I didn’t relish the idea of facing off against Angel when he was Angelus. I had already fought him when I though he was the non-soul happy vampire, and it turned out that he was still souled. I couldn’t imagine how vicious that he would be without the soul. Faith said that she was up for handling him and in order to do that, we needed to get there fast, but it was still bothering me.

“Why would Angel have sex with this Cordelia, knowing that he could lose his soul? Did he want to put us all in danger? Was he running low on sorrow and wanted to add to all of ours?”

I flew around a corner, feeling the SUV want to tumble, before leveling out the wheel. My thought was this. Angel is all jealous of Buffy being with somebody else, so he compensated by having sex with this Cordelia. I didn’t know enough about Angel or Cordelia to say it out loud, but better to be prepared and wrong, then to go in blind and be right.

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Military life is over. from huntedmerciless [Oct. 27th, 2006|02:20 pm]
Riley Finn
[mood |discontentdiscontent]

The news that she had lay upon me made me sad, angry and floored, and probably at least a hundred other different adjectives. It was hard to focus on anything positive and as the propellers of the chopper sent sand into my eyes, I felt the need to wipe them again. Sadness when all of your friends…your best friend, his girlfriend, people that you put your life on the line with every day, and especially, when your wife was involved, prevailed.

She told me that Buffy was alive, that Angel was alive, that Spike was alive and some girl named Cordelia, who had visions, had survived, and everyone else, other then herself and me, were dead, gone, just like my love, my baby, my Samantha.

She told me the way that Sunnydale had become the crater that we were now standing in front of, who Buffy and the others had beaten back forcing Craterdale and that this First evil, was also responsible for the guy with the gun, killing all of us, except for us who were left with desolation and memories.

Sadness and anger, they were strong. But my anger over wanting to build a force to go after the strong guy with the First evil behind him, was joined by another anger. This girl, who had said my name three times, even though I hadn’t the foggiest idea of who she was, then told me how she knew me and then, I did know who she was.

She was Faith. She was Faith, famous for switching bodies with Buffy and having an all-night sexathon with me, driving a wedge between Buffy and I that lasted for over a week. She was Faith, who had performed a body switch with Buffy, in order to evade capture because she was a slayer, who happened to be a wanted murderer, and who wanted to take Buffy’s body and probably leave the country, while Buffy, in Faith’s body, would take the rap and go to jail and if it had worked, there was almost no way that we would have gotten Buffy back.

Years had passed, I had remarried, but I hadn’t forgotten how pissed off all of that had made me. I wanted to hit her and hard, but what good would that do? She was a slayer, was one of the few survivors left and if I hit her, she would beat on me like there was no tomorrow. If I got a gun and shot her, then I wouldn’t be endearing myself to everyone that was still alive, although, honestly, I couldn’t care about that right now. Spike and Angel, vampires, not my two favorite people, and Faith, well she had done nothing to establish any good intentions with me. Buffy and this Cordelia, if that even worked out, because I didn’t think the world of Angel, were the only ones that I wanted the respect of and right now, with my wife, friends and unit dead, that didn’t even truly matter.

The hell with it…I acted like I didn’t care and turned, before belting her with a right cross and walking towards the chopper. I didn’t know if she was following me, or not, but I sent the chopper over to Edwards, where he was then left to report that the entire unit, with the exception of me, was dead, and that I was done with the jungles and with the army, and that I would reach them when my safety was more secured, at my own leisure. He flew away, not questioning me in the least and as I turned, Faith was standing right there. Reprisal in the form of a right from her, came, only her right hand was more effective at dropping me then mine was at putting her down. Slayers and their strength, and beauty, man, it was pride-sapping, but, I didn’t care about that now, either.

She extended her hand and helped me up, saying that she deserved that. She asked me if we were five by five now. I didn’t know how to respond to that, but I was thinking, in my angered and saddened mind that five by five meant something to the effect of a high five, so I looked at her.

“I guess that we are, since we have somebody trying to kill us. But, you did deserve that punch and much more, Faith. Now, should I be worried about you being a felon from justice, or has that been somehow settled over a murder, in a very short time?”

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